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Lolita was dedicated in helping me find exactly what I wanted when I purchased my home. She went out of her way to accommodate my needs. When I was ready to move, Lolita sold my home quickly with her expertise of knowing how to attract buyers. Thanks Lolita for being a great realtor!

- Lolita Amazeen Doll

Lolita is an amazing Realtor! She is knowledgeable about the process of home buying, knows all of the local areas and is always available and willing to help her clients find their new dream home. Lolita cares about her clients, not just the SALE. She wants you to get into the home that you want in the location that you are looking for. When I was looking for a new home, Lolita never pushed me to get the sale. She showed me as many houses as I needed to see. Then, when I narrowed down the search, she took my husband and myself back to see some of those same homes. When we bought our home, we knew it was exactly what we were looking for! I highly recommend having Lolita on your team if you are in the market to buy a home! - TW

- Lolita Amazeen Doll

We cannot say enough good things about Lolita Doll! She was a dream to work with. Selling our first home AND buying our next home (from the ground up) was scary. She made the entire experience comfortable and easy. She always had our best interest at heart. She knows the market inside and out and was able to get us the best deal. She was generous with her time and always made time for us despite her busy schedule. Lolita can help make your dreams come true!!! - K & M Silva

- Lolita Amazeen Doll

Local knowledge: 5 Stars Process expertise: 5 Stars Responsiveness: 5 Stars Negotiation skills: 5 Stars Lolita was very professional and would help you in any way she could on any listing you asked about. She sent me listings to my email address and I would check them out and let her know what I was curious about and wanted to see. Lolita gave some advice when picking mortgage companies, that helped me getting a better interest rate & loan. - R. Lozano

- Lolita Amazeen Doll

Lolita's experience in Austin real estate is amazing! I am so fortunate to have found such a knowledgeable, caring and fun person!! When I was looking at homes online, I signed up on a website that assigned a Realtor to me. I had never met Lolita and had no idea what to expect. She called to touch base a week or so after I started using the site and asked me if I wanted to see any homes. I didn't at the time, so she checked back a month or two later. Then, when I was ready, I called and Lolita was eager to help me find a new home. I had a long list of homes to look at and she patiently took me to each one. I had no idea how to buy a house, but Lolita put me in touch with the right people who made the process work so smoothly. When my parents were ready to buy in the area, I referred them to Lolita. My husband and I recommend her to anyone and everyone we know who is looking for a home! Lolita is my Realtor for life!

- Terri Wright

Lolita is first and foremost a great human being who also happens to be a great real estate agent. I was a first time buyer and a little older than most buyers, and did not know a thing about real estate. She spent months with me, always patient and agreeable, never trying to influence me one way or the other. She discovered exactly what I needed and found me a home which I am very happy with. The months I spent with her showed me that she is also a community minded, good hearted woman who is concerned with a range of causes, from battered women to great pyrenese dog rescues. On top of everything else she is sweet, friendlly, and funny. Good luck with life, Lolita. You deserve the best. I will always recommend you to anyone needing real estate help. Sharon Woods

- sharon woods

Lolita is a an awesome Realtor who I met through a friend in my organization, while I was looking for a home. I moved from San Diego California and it was a blessing to have her, she showed me around the are and patiently waited for me to decide the right home. Never did she try to force a sale on me and even suggested helpful advice on whether the neighborhood was nice or fit for a family. My family loves our new home and surrounding area and its all thanks to Lolita, I will and do recommend her to everyone and anyone seriously looking to find a new home and have as much help possible with their best interests in mind. If that is what you want then Lolita is Definitely the person you want for the job, I cant thank her enough!!

- Masada Ellis

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Lolita Amazeen Doll
Lolita Amazeen Doll

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